About me

  1. My experience on various boards has prepared me to put my name forward to run for the 2018 Municipal election. I am seeking the position of a councillor. I have both experience and qualifications for this serious and complex role. I have served on Nanaimo City Council for two terms from 2002- 2008. I also served on the Regional District of Nanaimo from 2005-2008. During my 6 years on Council, I chaired and served on many committees. I have also served on the Port of Nanaimo Board for past 8 years and was the Chair of the Board from 2013-2015. I am at present Director of Vancouver Island University Foundation Board.  I am also a Past member of Nanaimo Oceanside Rotary and served as a President for one term and achieved Paul Harris designation. I have always been involved in many Chamber events and have helped raised funds for many deserving charities in Nanaimo.


  1. The first approach and action that the elected Councillors should take to help foster a prosperous, vibrant community is to start rebuilding the organization. There has been a lot of brain drain in the recent past and we need to hire a qualified CAO that can lead this organization and create healthy working environment and also sets goals and priorities for the City. This will help to create a healthy environment to attract businesses and investments into our community and will create sustainable long term jobs. The Council should involve the community leaders and residents in creating a diverse and inclusive community as I feel that building a vibrant community is a shared responsibility. The Council also needs to focus on creating a safe and healthy environment, promoting arts and culture and tackling the homelessness. Communities with good Social programs and reliable transportation help foster a prosperous ,vibrant and sustainable community.


  1. The people of Nanaimo have lost trust in our council and leadership. We need to restore the trust of the citizens of Nanaimo, How we are going to achieve that is by listening, communicating and consulting with the citizens of Nanaimo. This relationship building will take some time as council as a body need to portray their actions that they are listening and consulting with the people. Needless to say that the relationship with the stakeholders is at its worst, such as, SFN, Port of Nanaimo, Airport and Vancouver Island University. Council as a body need to re-engage all these stakeholders in an open and meaningful dialogue. The council needs to meet with these organizations on regular basis and discuss the goals and priorities of the city and the region as a whole. My vision is to have all the stakeholders collaborating and working together for one common goal of attracting businesses and creating a prosperous and vibrant community.


  1.  Most Public boards rely on committees work  and all the committee’s term of reference needs to be well defined. The framework for the council committees is set out in a Provincial Legislation. Under the community Charter there are two types of committee’s Standing and Select. The Standing committees are established by the Mayor and the Select Committee’s are established by the Council. The purpose of the committees is gather and evaluate information and give the recommendations to the City Council. The committees can be only structured as per the Provincial Legislation. The Committee’s also help reduce the cost to taxpayers and helps with reducing the time spent by staff on committee work. The committee’s also gives opportunity to the residents to be involved in municipal affairs.